Starting 2011 the Romanian-American University is offering two undergraduate programmes, fully taught in English, one focused on International Business and the other one on Computer Science for Economics.

All our programmes are fully accredited by the Romanian Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ARACIS), which is a full member of the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA) .

The Computer Science for Economics Bachelor program from the School of Computer Science for Business Management is a three-year program that prepares you for database administration, programing, software design, web design and network administration.

We adapt our curricula each year to the continuous changes of the IT market. At the same time, we foster innovation through our students in the Microsoft Innovation Center, by creating various types of applications, posted by them on the marketplace. We offer free licensed software for our students, access to various official study materials and the possibility of being certified by Microsoft within the Certiport - Romanian American University Testing Center.

For more information download this PDF document.

The International Business Bachelor program from the School of Domestic and International Business, Banking and Finance is a three-year program that prepares you for negotiating, contracting and carrying out international business.

Throughout the program you will understand the role and interests of international public and private organizations in an international business environment. By the end of your studies, you will be capable to prepare and assist the execution of international contracts and to identify the appropriate steps, formalities and techniques used in contracting and execution of international business, complying with domestic, European and International trade policies and regulations. Due to this approach, bachelors of this program are qualified to successfully manage jobs with an international business outlook both in Romania and / or anywhere in the world.

For more information download this PDF document.

Our bachelor programmes aim to address the curricula not only in theoretical terms, but also to create multiple connections between practice and research. Apart from the real-world projects in which the students are involved, the learning experience is completed by the internships thatthe university facilitates in the second year, within specialized organizations or Romanian companies where students are integrated for 3 weeks.

All the study programmes developed by the Romanian-American University are structured under the Bologna system in 3 years for the undergraduate (Bachelor), 2 years for the graduate studies (Master) and 3 years for Doctoral Studies.

Each academic year (divided into 2 semesters), the curriculum provides minimum 60 transferable study credits (30 credits per semester). There are a total of six semesters in three years. A semester typically has 14 weeks. The 3rd semester has 11 weeks + 3 allocated for the mandatory internship, and the 6th semester has 12 weeks + 2 allocated for completion of the graduation paper.Thus, in the first three semesters, regardless of the curriculum, students study a set of subjects that are present in the basic training of an economist:

All faculty members of our University meet the legal requirements, in that all professors, associate professors and lecturers have a PhD title and the teaching assistants and junior assistants have master studies and certified teaching training, all of them being PhD students. Most of our faculty has studied abroad, some of them in the US and during each semester you will have American Professors teaching a series of highly demanded courses.

Extracurricular courses are taught by American and International professors (at no cost) for our students several times each semester. A list can be consulted at the following address: