Admissions - Application Procedure

In order to preserve the good academic standing of the university and its historical record of graduates with successful careers, the Romanian-American University selects its students thoroughly before admission. However, a staff member within the International Recruitment Office will always be available to answer your questions and guide you through the process.

Step 1

Complete the Contact Form

Step 2

Start your online application. Click here: Please have the required documents scanned (see below comprehensive list). You will be required to pay the application fee (50 EURO) through an online payment system

Step 3

Prepare for the online interview with the Admission Staff

Step 4

Fulfill the requirements from the Conditional Offer issued by the University (e.g. obtain your final degree/qualification with a satisfactory grade)

Step 5

Wait for the Letter of Acceptance (issued by the Ministry of National Education and Scientific Research in Romania)

Step 6

Pay the Tuition Fee for one year (more on Fees and Finances) through bank transfer at your local bank

Step 7

Apply for a student Visa at the local Romanian Embassy or Consulate (more information on Visa Application)

Step 8

Buy your ticket to Bucharest and become a Romanian-American University Student!

Application Documentation

Please note that all documents should be authentic copies of the originals and where needed authenticated translations of the documents in English should be provided. Authentication can be obtained at the Romanian Embassy/Consulate or by legalizing at your local notary.