Academics - Foundation Year



If you want to become a student in Romania, immerse into the Romanian culture and finally learn Romanian language, it means you are ready to embark into the experience of your life. You can do that at the Romanian-American University in Bucharest, where you have the chance to enroll for a one year Romanian language program.

The university also offers courses of English language, focusing both on specialized vocabulary (business, tourism, law, IT) and grammar, that will offer students the possibility for a visible language improvement.

At the end of the Foundation year, the enrolled students will be able to achieve the B1-B2 level of Romanian, as well as improved knowledge of English. As a result, students will be able to apply to either a Romanian or an English taught program, in the Romanian academic system.

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Please fill in the application form which you can download here.

Send the completed, signed and scanned form to our International Students Office by e-mail together with these documents:

- Copy of your Passport or other travel document allowing you to travel to Romania;

- Copy of your Birth certificate; 

- Copy of your High School Certificate/Diploma and your Bachelor’s diploma (for Master applicants);

- Transcripts of records for your previous years of study (all high school years for Bachelor applicants and all university years for Master applicants);

- Copy of medical certificate stating your medical ability to undergo studies at the University and the fact that you are not a carrier for any known contagious diseases of illnesses.

All documents should be in English, French or Romanian, if your original documents are in none of these languages, please provide us with copies of certified translations.


International Students Office: