About us - History

In 1991, Professor Ion SmedescuPh.D., had the initiative of setting up the Romanian-American University. He was the founder and Rector of the University and also President of the Romanian-American Foundation for the Promotion of the Education and Culture, in the activities of which the University is integrated.

The Romanian-American University was founded with the purpose of promoting the American progressive educational values combined with the rich internationally recognized academic traditions of the Romanian educational system.

The founder succeded in bringing to Romania the US higher education principles that have as support the general model the American society:

Conceived as an alternative and complementary form to the public higher education, the University has 6 Schools in its structure: 5 teaching Economics and one Law.

Within the context of the university reform and of Romania's integration process in the European Union, the introduction of the European dimension, matching curricula, the compliance with the European standards, promotion of the academic performance internationally recognized criteria, the interuniversity cooperation, academic mobility and the recognition of studies and diplomas are among the strategic objectives of the Romanian-American University.

Due to the reform imposed by the Bologna Process, the University pursued the increasing compatibility of its educational offer with that of the European education and has also achieved, through its actions, the opening of an integrated education system (bachelor - master - Ph.D.).

Through its accomplishments, the Romanian-American University has consolidated its position in the Romanian educational system, and its activity has achieved new standards, necessary in the context of a harsh competition on the highly qualified labor market of the European Union and all over the world. By pursuing its mission and goals, the university succeeded in developing and consolidating a good reputation among Romanian and international companies.