Life on Campus - Life in Bucharest

Bucharest is Romania's capital and largest city with 2 million official inhabitants (3 million including the suburbs and unofficial population). Obviously, this is the main center for Education, Culture, Entertainment and Business. Coming to school here means studying in a very dynamic and ever growing social and economic life. More about Bucharest can be found below or at this link.

Education and student life

32 of the approximately 100 universities in Romania are based in Bucharest. As you can imagine this makes the city also the most important student city in Romania with hundreds of thousands of students residing here and enjoying their university years. There are 3 main campus areas in Bucharest and the Romanian-American University is placed right in one of them. Student life means libraries but also student pubs, clubs and many restaurants.


Bucharest is home to a great variety of museums, theatres and opera houses. You can experience Romanian traditional rural life in the Village Museum (one of its kind in Europe) and Peasant's Museum. If you enjoy natural history you can visit the Natural Sciences Museum or Geology Museum. If arts or history are your thing, the National History Museum and hundreds of Art Galleries can be found scattered around the city center. The National Theater is an icon and is located just in the center of the city delimiting point 0 in Romania. If you rather enjoy a more untraditional approach to culture, you'll be happy to know that Bucharest is filled with places where artists perform freely.


Every imaginable recreational activity can be done in Bucharest, from different sport activities to club life or chilling with your friends on the terrace of some of the nicest cafés. Bucharest was known as the little Paris in the period between the two World Wars. Naturally, some of its charm has remained intact and the municipality is reviving the city's former glory. The old city center is now bustling with pubs, cafes and restaurants where thousands of people flock each day to escape the busy everyday office life.

If shopping is your entertainment, you will be happy to find out that Bucharest is the capital city with the biggest number of shopping malls in Eastern Europe. Large complexes with hundreds of shops, cafés, restaurants and cinemas await residents and tourists alike.