Life on Campus

Quality academics and fun activities during your spare time as a student go hand in hand here at the Romanian-American University. Most of the activities for the students are organized by the students themselves, thus allowing for a natural development of student's organizational and team work skills. The fact of the matter is that professors also engage in student organized activities making the overall atmosphere feel more relaxed and friendly. Read on more about activities on campus here.

All activities are centered on campus life. Students are able to use the university's facilities and resources when needed and on formal request. These facilities range from the general academic resources (computer labs, large library, class-rooms with interactive boards) to the more daily needs like the cafeteria, fitness center, bookstore etc. You can find out more about the facilities here.

All international students and those coming from outside Bucharest have access and the possibility of booking a room within the University's dormitory. This is a brand new building with places for 400 students in a shared accommodation (a dormitory room hosts 2-3 students). Of course, students can always search and rent an apartment with friends. For this, usually your fellow students are the best resource. You can find out more about accommodation options here.

Bucharest is an interesting city to live in. It combines the Western style of living with the Eastern and Latin way of enjoying life. Bucharest, as you will discover, is a city that never sleeps. There is always something going on, from cultural activities to concerts and clubs. More about life in Bucharest here.