Life on Campus - Student life

As almost every student on campus speaks English, you will find it really easy to make friends or ask for directions or any kind of other useful information.

Getting around the campus

As an international student it would be recommended to live in campus for the first year. The basic advantage is that you will always be around students and aware of any activities involving your colleagues and future friends. Moreover, as the dorm is linked to the university building you will virtually need not more than 5 minutes to get to class. That's great if you like to sleep more in the morning. 


The different cultural and activity centers in the University (some of them unique in Romania) organize a full range of programmes for students to take part in, both academically and also for fun:

The Students' Council is in charge of the everyday life of the student, both in class and extracurricular. Some of the activities they organize are:

Staying Healthy

The cafeteria serves a diverse range of meals from traditionally Romanian to international fusion cuisine at very affordable prices. What is more, the cafeteria serves only fresh products and freshly cooked meals so you do not have to worry about cooking yourself.

Special games and activity nights are organized at the cafeteria. One such example is "Wok & Wii" night, where obviously you can eat wok made food and play some Wii sports.

Students also have access to Fitness Facilities where they can enjoy a daily workout along their colleagues.

Outside of Campus

You are free to explore Bucharest on your own or with your newly made friends. You can find out more about Bucharest following this link. However, besides Bucharest, the University encourages its students to explore Romanian scenery and traditions in specially organized trips (2-3 days) several times a year. There is also a rafting trip planned each summer for students and professors alike, in order to enjoy nature seasoned with some adrenalin rush.