Life on Campus - Testimonials

See what our graduates say with the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the University

"...the progress accomplished by the University compared to my university years are extraordinary, and I am sure that under these conditions the University will keep a place among the most demanded and effective higher education institutions in Romania."

ARMAND FLORENTIN BALULESCU, graduate of the School of Domestic and International Commercial and Financial Banking Relations, class of 1997; ACCA Graduate (2008) - Manager, Trading Department, Deloitte

"This is the place to say that, recognizing the value of innovative ideas and initiatives launched by individuals and / or academic communities (whose merits are undeniable) in the century of blogs with instant sharing of information across borders, of  the globalization of university rankings, in which knowledge is the most valuable resource of modern society, the general impact of these initiatives, present and future, and their added value cannot be assumed and put into practice by  a closed community, but must be supported by us for the future and thus offering the guarantee of the completion of a successful initiative of the personalities who have linked their name to the  strengthening of the name of the University and contributed to the prosperity of the Romanian society. I'm sure that for all, the years spent together were and will be a beautiful time we went through, we learned and grew. Happy anniversary, students, teachers and graduates!!!"

DUMITRU LAURENȚIU ANDREI, graduate of the School of Domestic and International Commercial and Financial Banking Relations, class of 1997 - Deputy General Director, Directorate General of Treasury and Public Debt - Middle Office Department, Ministry of Finance

"The School I graduated did not help me in my career, but gave me a career. The School I graduated built the solid knowledge which helped me pursue a master's degree in ASE at DOFIN and then a PhD in Economics at one of the most prestigious universities in the UK. The courses I have taken, at the highest level, have educated my way of thinking and encouraged research in particular through Professor Judita Samuel and Moisa Altar. They have contributed to my formation and my assertion.

After years from the moment of graduation, now an academic myself, I was and I am impressed by the high level at which courses are taught, by their scientific value, and novelty. The dedication and professionalism of the teachers have left their mark upon students, including myself. The knowledge gained in the undergraduate years formed the solid foundation for postgraduate studies, have facilitated their success, and contributed to obtaining a university career. Celebrating the beautiful age of 20 years of existence, I want to wish the University Happy Anniversary and congratulate all those who have contributed to its success. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Prof. Judita Samuel and Moisa Altar, true ambassadors of The Romanian-American University!"

ANAMARIA NICOLAE, PhD., graduate of the School Computer Science for Business Management, class of 1999; DOFIN (2000); UK (2005) - Lecturer, Durham University, UK.

"At its 20th anniversary I would like to wish the University: to have as the basis of the selection of its teachers and students a solid set of values ​​coupled with skills in line with what is expected from the next generation as well as a level of performance.

To ensure that it has the best teachers, in contact with the practice, that it has strong partnerships with strong companies both in order to combine the theory with the real professional life and in order to raise quality standards for students. I think reputation is given by the consistency with principles and compliance to the latter. Therefore, partnerships with the business area, the high quality of professors, lecturers and students are fundamental."

RADU MANOLESCU, graduate of the School of Domestic and International Commercial and Financial Banking Relations, class of 1999 - Managing Partner, KMTrust & Partners / IIC Partners rr

"Every time I pass by the current building of the Romanian-American University I remember with pleasure the years I spent here. The years of university model your thinking, interpersonal relations, networking and how to address various issues: from planning how to study for an exam passed with success, to the design of a research project. I note that the Romanian-American University has shown that it is a sustainable educational project, while being a springboard for any Romanian student and not only. Therefore, I wish all those involved in the activities of the University a lot of luck!"

MĂDĂLINA PAULA Magnusson (Barbu), graduate of the School of Domestic and International Commercial and Financial Banking Relations, class of 2001 - Project Coordinator, Communication and Marketing Department, European Institute of Romania


"The Faculty has endowed me with skills of analysis and design of complex computer systems and helped me in getting a job in a multinational IT company since my 4thyear of study. [...] As regards my student years, I can say that these were some of the best years when I built new friendships with both students and university teachers. I would choose again the Romanian-American University, the Faculty of Computer Science for Business Management if I were to choose again."

DANIEL NUTU, graduate of the School Computer Science for Business Management, class of 2008 - Programmer, Crys Computer, IBM Romania Contractor; Associate - PriceWaterhouseCoopers

"From my point of view, the Romanian - American University fit me like a glove. The freedom and openness that both teachers and the management of the University had, mattered immensely to us. In this University, particularly the two Schools, we had a team made up not only of us, the students but of teachers and students. We were all a team and I liked it very much. The celebration of 20 years of activity in higher education is a lovely age, which proves that the Romanian - American University kept its prestige, youth, and care, both to its students and to its graduates. The success of the Romanian - American University is the sum of the successes of all its graduates. This anniversary gives me the pleasant opportunity to express my gratitude to all my distinguished and wonderful teachers, who, along with the students, transmit  and continue to transmit from generation to generation, the noble spirit and dedication that define this institution of science and conscience."

IACOB ( MÎŢU ) ADRIANA LUMINIŢA, graduate of the School of Marketing-Management, class of 1996; Law School graduate, class of 2007 - General Director - Ministry of Justice, the National Trade Register